TechMix Mag- London’s Digital Skills Gap

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VISU.AL has been selected by Techmix Mag to be the Digital Production Partner of Mobilize:LDN, an economic growth intervention programme working with the Mayor of London, focusing on bridging the digital skills gap.

We will be responsible for visual identity across all digital platforms for Mobilize:LDN, and have released an insightful infographic, addressing the digital skills gap in London, ahead of the next event part of the Digital Careers Show – on July 7th.

The infographic helps to emphasise what many in the industry are also sure of that the future is digital. The graphic is packed with insightful statistics, such as the fact that the Mayors office predicts 51,500 digital businesses will be thriving in the capital by 2025, and 90% of new jobs being created now require specific digital skills. Mobilize:LDNs entire aim is to help build a pipeline of talent to hiring companies in the digital sector, as well as giving young people the technical skills they need to get ahead in this new industry.

A number of events around the capital have been planned, bringing together the best young digital leaders aged 15-25 years, with thought leading SME employers keen to address recruitment challenges and raising career ambitions in the local community.

Mobilize: LDN are proud to be sponsored by the London Enterprise Panel through the Digital Careers Show and partners include Barclays, Cisco, City & Guilds, UFI Charitable Trust and Fiverr

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