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Team VISU.AL have recently partnered with Sabio, one of the leading contact centre technology specialists, to deliver a series of explainers for their various business offerings.

One of the areas covers Speech Analytics, a fascinating area, which can yield huge business benefits when deployed in the contact centre environment. Essentially, it’s  Business Intelligence applied to speech for the contact centre space.

Speech Analytics can raise specific issues from individual emotional calls that need to be acted upon appropriately, to repetition of competitor activity that could threaten customer churn.

As you can imagine, it’s a fairly complex technology which requires the specialist skills of a company like Sabio to deploy. An explainer definitely helps to simplify exactly what it means and how it can help a customers business .

The production style delivered was  contextual video/photography combined with motion graphic elements in a data-driven, infographic style. The aim was to provide a modern, clean minimal look to help convey the key messages in the timeframe without overwhelming and distracting the audience. Graphical and alphanumeric elements used mirrored existing iconography to seamlessly blend in with the current brand identity and reflects the look and feel of the new website design

For more information on Sabio’s service offering on Speech Analytics , you can visit their site here .

We really enjoyed the process of getting to grips with understanding the complexities of the service and are happy with the outcome, especially being able to communicate the message within 2 minutes.

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