World Gold Council- Gold Demand Trends Q3 2016 [Visual Content]

World Gold Council- Gold Demand Trends Q3 2016 [Visual Content]

We recently created the latest Gold Demand Trends Report, 2016 (Q3), in partnership with the World Gold Council.

Of note in Q3- Focus was on Exchange Traded Products ( ETP’s). Total supply was up 4% to 1,173t (from 1,127t in Q3 2015). Recycling was the primary driver of this growth, up 30% year-on-year as the higher price encouraged consumers to sell some of their existing gold holdings.




To promote the reports, infographics and micro content were created to provide a visual identity to address media outreach, social media usage across Facebook , Twitter, Google + , LinkedIn, Wiebo and WeChat, and across key aspects of their site ,

If your organisation is regularly publishing reports and white papers, please get in contact with us and we’ll be happy to help design them, create visual content to promote them (by way of infographics, micro content,motion graphics, interactive design ) or to distribute across social media platforms, for maximum impact.

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Microcontent Examples:

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To view and download the latest report, please click here




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