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Breath-Taking Drone Photography | A New Perspective for Marketers

True to form, we have mankind’s unceasing desire to wage war against ourselves to thank for drone photography. Military advantage has always been the biggest force behind technological advancement and it’s no different when it comes to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The first record of aerial photography used in war is from the 1898 Spanish-American

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App Design for Businesses: 11 Reasons Why Apps = Business Growth

It’s true, mobile apps aren’t a novelty anymore. App design is nothing new. But unlike other technological innovations, mobile apps haven’t seen a meteoric rise in popularity followed by a dramatic crash. They’re here to stay. Why? Because mobile apps are a brilliant way to add value to users of mobile devices. And who isn’t

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A Copywriter Makes the Best Marketing Sidekick – Here’s Why

Why do you need a copywriter? Because you’re a business owner or marketing exec and it’s up to you to increase the number of leads coming in, right? You’ve learnt how to advertise on some of the main platforms like Google and Facebook, but you’re disappointed by the results. You’ve read the advice on how

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Welcome To The New Age. A Better Way.

Welcome to VISU.AL 2.0 . An upgrade to our service offerings and how we go to market. A better way. Times are a changin’ – and rapidly. As a growing independent agency, if we are to stand any chance of survival in an already crowded marketplace  being absorbed by consultancies, technology companies and even brands

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