Benefits of infographics for start-ups (Infographic)

Benefits of infographics for start-ups (Infographic)

We are experiencing  an unprecedented rise in the number of start-ups over the past few years. In parallel to this we have also been seeing explosive growth across social media. With all these key social media platforms available to us today, it has never been easier to develop a product or service, build a brand and grow your business at such a low-cost and highly socially interactive manner.

We live in a fast paced and highly visual world. People are now hyper-connected, have access to more sophisticated knowledge and have shorter attention spans.  With this comes information overload and we are engineered to rapidly screen everything that presents itself to us for our attention- if it’s a message being presented, and the benefit for us is hard to find, we’ll quickly move on to the next one. The popularity of infographics have  increased significantly over the years because of this, actually by 800% according to the latest data.

Infographics “are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly”. Their popularity could be attributed to a number of reasons. One being that people want to consume information faster in a way that is the easiest to understand. Infographics are fun and engaging way to present data. Not only that, infographics can be highly educational and are also extremely easy to share.

The pervasive nature of social media has played its part too.  Start-ups, especially, have embraced infographics in recognition of  all of the benefits they have to offer in terms of cost, marketing and  information dissemination to their audiences. Here are some benefits of infographics especially for start-ups and small businesses:

Easy to share

One of the main reasons why infographics have become so popular amongst marketers is because of their easy to share nature. This is particularly beneficial to start-ups which do not have the budget to hire a big PR and marketing machine to promote their brand. By creating one powerful infographic that has the potential of going viral, you are not only sharing information related to your field of expertise, you are also generating relatively low-cost marketing. Aside from that, infographics also help boost your search engine optimisation dramatically because of their embeddable nature and possibility of going viral. This will drive your start-ups site up in the Google rankings and generate more hits for your page.

Easy to create

Infographics do not take up as much time as other conventional methods of marketing. For start-ups, a quick and effective strategy would be to use infographics  because they are easier to make and relatively cheaper compared to television and print ads. All you need for a compelling infographic is a good research, design and development team and a clear understanding of what sort of information your audience would want out of you.


Infographics are popular because they are informative without having to be boring. You can turn almost any kind of data into something that people would enjoy reading and share. By creating an informative infographic, you are also indirectly telling your audience and potential clients that you know your stuff because of the amount of research you have put into creating your start-ups infographics.

Accessible to the audience

According to recent studies, 90% of the information people remember are based on visuals. This is why mediums such as images, infographics and videos are such powerful tools. A simple, yet powerful infographic can go a long way in generating brand awareness. This would appeal to start-ups that do not have that strong a footing in marketing and advertising. Infographics are also a great way to introduce a new product to your prospective consumers.

So , being who we are , we thought we’d create an infographic to capture some insightful information on start-ups in the UK/US and the benefits of using infographics! Enjoy.




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