Your Chances Of Angel Investment? (Infographic)

Your Chances Of Angel Investment? (Infographic)

Team VISU.AL have just returned from a few days at Web Summit 2014 and were overwhelmed by both the quality and quantity of entrepreneurs and start- ups in attendance. Equally strong in numbers were the presence of investors from all over the world. The audience attendance at the numerous pitching stages was  at full capacity, the panellists at the top of their game. But just how likely are you to raise Angel Investment?

OneLeap is a Forbes-featured company that helps the world’s leading organisations become more entrepreneurial. Their Harvard Business Review featured approach is unique in that they work very closely with a network of 3000 OneLeap entrepreneurs, bringing them and their mindsets to large corporates.

OneLeap came to us with a mission to examine the patterns and impact of Angel Investment. We then contacted academics from Harvard Business School and gained access to a pre-release study on Angel Investment – we analysed the data and visualised it, working closely with OneLeap all the while.

The result is an infographic that has been shared constantly amongst entrepreneurs and those interested in entrepreneurial methods since its release. Having sparked discussion and debate in the community from figures such as Unreasonable Institute mentors and articles written by the likes of Entrepreneur and Investor Chris Yeh on the findings of the infographic – which he tweeted to his 10,000 entrepreneurial followers – the project successfully cemented OneLeap’s reputation as a thought leader.

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