How To Get The Perfect 10 On Google AdWords

How To Get The Perfect 10 On Google AdWords

The image below sums up the desired outcome of PPC and Search Advertising planning, worldwide.

The perfect 10 on Google AdWords is the holy grail of advertising in the search/PPC world. Everyone’s heard about it but very few have seen one..

It is the advertisement that Google considers to be 10/10 quality score and something every pro advertiser wants to achieve, and every business needs, to get the optimum result out of their AdWords campaigns.

The biggest problem is that this ideally needs to happen on a keyword with high searches per month with a low-cost per click and producing the best results when looking at your return on investment.

But how should one go about achieving this feat?

This article covers some tips/tricks that I used to achieve perfect 10 ads bearing in mind that some people may not be fully aware of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising or of SEO (search engine optimisation) terms.

It’s all about that Landing

When looking at PPC searches, Google looks at landing pages and their relevance most of all. Making sure that the base of the campaign (landing page) is 100% relevant to the keyword is the most important part. There are other SEO factors to be considered in a good landing page (like speed of loading, image sizes etc) but the most important factor is the content of the page.

When shopping for shoes, you go to the shoe shop

Relevancy of the page is one thing, but use the wrong keywords and it can have the same effect. If your website sells shoes and you use the keyword “shoes”, it can have a negative impact. If you’re selling winter shoes, summer shoes and basketball shoes – those are your keywords – and each keyword needs to direct to the page with the correct type of shoes on it.

Pinocchio’s nose extends when telling a lie

So does your Cost Per Click grow when the ad is considered irrelevant and the landing page is not of sufficient quality. Google actually halves the CPC when the quality score is 10 and you have good information, but adds almost 50% when the quality score is 1. This means that you pay up to 50% more for a click.

Reach out and touch someone

Adding extensions to your ad works wonders. You have more relevant information and also have more channels for people to contact you on when adding a call extension or site-links. The ad I made (picture above) was not enhanced with extensions as it was not relevant for the search. So not having them can be helpful as well as long as all of your other factors are up to speed.

The perfect 10 on Google AdWords? Tell me what you want

You need to try to think from a customer’s perspective when doing your PPC campaign. What do the customers want? Do they want a page that loads in half a second with amazing images or a page that loads in 10 minutes with just text? The answer usually is the first option. If you have doubts – you can always ask customers what they want to see when browsing your site. It always helps.

Following these small tips/tricks can help boost your advertising campaign, giving you a lower CPC, a higher position in rankings and a better ROI.



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