Craft Beers for all – It’s London Beer Week!

Craft Beers for all – It’s London Beer Week!

London Beer Week is well under way across our sprawling Metropolis.

Having started on the 16th,  it is running until the 22nd of February, so there is still plenty of time to experience the huge range of craft beers and events that are on offer. Here at team VISU.AL , we’ve taken the opportunity to do just that , in the name of research of course, ahem, and celebrate the rise in popularity of the craft beer movement.

Over these last few years, London has revived its microbrewing ‘mojo’ . There are now around 70 craft breweries in and around the Capital . From the big boys like Fullers to wacky, weird and wonderful start-ups, old brews are being played around with, new ones are being invented- from saisons to sours, the combinations seem endless and we’re all loving it!

Demand has gone through the roof, all around the country. There are now more than 800 breweries in the UK – more than at any time since the Forties. Camra’s membership has more than doubled in the past ten years and beer festivals seem to be popping up all over the place.

London Beer Week is in fact a celebration of beers from all over the world , including everything from pop-ups and parties , to masterclasses, tasting and tours.

“So many beers to choose from!”, I hear you  scream excitedly. But how do you know what’s what? To help you on your way , in the way of a visual cheat sheet, is this great infographic that was created by the amazing team at PopChartLab. At the very least, it will give you beer ‘cred’ amongst your peers whilst you navigate your way around the numerous variations that are on offer.


One start-up that has spotted the demand for Craft beers and personalisation is UBREW and definitely gets the thumbs up from Team VISU.AL.

UBREW is an open brewery. That means you and your friends can join as members, turn up, and brew your own beers with their professional equipment alongside a community of like-minded beer lovers. Very Cool. Even if you’re only interested in drinking, their front-of-house pub will sell their member’s beer to the discerning public that seek that true craft experience. Brewed and drank onsite, beer doesn’t get more artisan or more local than this.

As far as we’re aware UBREW are the only Open Brewery in London. After a successful round of crowdfunding, UBREW have now set up their premises on the Old Jamaica Road on the Bermondsey Mile, known for its microbreweries and pubs serving craft beers, coinciding with London Beer Week.

“How do you brew your own Craft Beer?”, I hear you ask excitedly again. Here’s a visual explanation:


To the co-founders, Matt and Wilf, we salute you!

Well worth a visit, sign up for a membership or register for one of their many courses on offer.

We went ahead and signed up for an annual membership with this exciting venture, so if there are any of our clients out there that fancy giving it a try, please get in touch 🙂



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