A Copywriter Makes the Best Marketing Sidekick – Here’s Why

A Copywriter Makes the Best Marketing Sidekick – Here’s Why

Why do you need a copywriter? Because you’re a business owner or marketing exec and it’s up to you to increase the number of leads coming in, right?

You’ve learnt how to advertise on some of the main platforms like Google and Facebook, but you’re disappointed by the results.

You’ve read the advice on how to best use these platforms to get results and you know that your product is solid.

So, what’s missing? Why aren’t you getting clicks and conversions?

It could be your message – The way that you are communicating the value of your product.

Using online advertising platforms takes some getting used to. You need to familiarise yourself with all the settings and features.

At first, just navigating around the interface can be overwhelming, but over time, and with the help of YouTube videos, you figure it all out.

It’s actually not that difficult to become a Facebook or Google Ads ninja.


The key to a successful marketing campaign has always been… Good copy!

Copy is the one thing that has remained the same throughout marketing history and is the core component regardless of the medium you use to reach your target audiences.

From the papyrus sales letters of ancient Egypt to the printed posters advertising “Jinan Liu’s Fine Needle Shop” during China’s Song Dynasty (960–1279) to the newspaper, magazine, radio and television ads of the last century all the way to today’s digital era – Copy has been the difference between marketing success or failure.

*Warning: Reality may differ from image displayed

The technology that delivers our messaging has changed, but what matters most to your customers is feeling that their needs are properly understood.

To make them feel this way you need a professional copywriter to take everything you know about your business and convert it into effective marketing communication that results in action.

Qualities of a Professional Marketing Sidekick

Now, as the person responsible for the reputation of your company, you might be worried about bringing in outsiders.

After all, these people won’t exactly be working on the lighting in your office.

These messages go out into the world and reflect directly on you, so they will have to be in line with your business goals.

But, as important as your copywriter is, don’t think that they should be allowed to make blanket decisions that could potentially cause collateral damage to the rest of your business.

They are the sidekick after all. You’re the hero of your business.

Copywriter sidekick

So where do their responsibilities start and finish?

How do I make sure that my copywriter will work with the goals of my company?

Ok, Ok, I’m getting there…

Here’s what you can expect from a professional copywriter.

Promotes your agenda

As copywriters, we can’t inform your business strategies. Strategic business decisions need to be made by you or your management committee.

We aren’t in a position to tell you which products to launch or which market segments to target.

You need to tell your copywriter what you are trying to achieve and what your strategy is.

It’s then up to your sidekick to work with you to achieve your goals.

Whether it’s through traditional media, Social Marketing, Paid Advertising, Content Marketing or a combination of these, your copywriter is there to promote your agenda.

*Side note: If you know what your business goals are but aren’t sure how to achieve them through online marketing, you need the help of a marketing strategist.

Conforms to your internal brand guidelines & policies

The same is true for your brand policies.

Your copywriter needs to follow the guidelines you have in place for how you would like the public to perceive your company.

Simply put, this means that your core values need to come through in your communication.

It would be harmful to your brand if you came across as opposed to what your customers believe you should stand for.

Copywriter branding

For example, if you’re a company that sells environmentally friendly consumables to restaurants your values are probably going to be preservation, consideration and conservation.

All values that portray a company that’s big on responsibility.

It wouldn’t be good to come across as care-free in your marketing then would it?

You need to tell your copywriter what your values are so that s/he can blend them into your message.

Writes in your tone of voice

A big part of your brand is your tone of voice.

This should be determined by who your target audience is and which tone of voice they will respond well to.

A good copywriter can help you with this because of all the exposure that they’ve had to different types of audiences.

If, for example, your products are targeting millennials, your brand should be inclusive and authentic with a tone of voice that’s to the point and savvy.

That’s because millennials are like the middle child in the global family. They don’t trust companies or advertisers because they’ve seen enough go down to know that corporations lie… A lot.

They told their parents that if they work hard and put the company first, they would be looked after.

But instead, they were overworked and underpaid and had no time for family.

They don’t want to read about your promises or mission statement, they want to know what’s in it for them and how you are going to guarantee the result.


Gives you all the credit

Like any dutiful sidekick, your copywriter will give you all the credit for their hard work.

We don’t expect to be named or acknowledged in any way. Most of our work is on behalf of others and that’s fine by us. We aren’t looking to be “the face” of anything and we certainly don’t want people to make a fuss over us.

The vision was yours, we just helped you to tell people about it in a way that made them want to listen.


Sound good so far? Here’s what a copywriter will actually do for you:


Website Copy

Your website’s design is important, but it’s the words on the page that drive action.

What we mostly find are websites that are trying to advertise the company instead of what the company does for its customers.

How many “About Us” pages have you seen that start by telling you how “the business was born when two friends had an idea 20 years ago and worked out of their father’s garage…”?

And the rest is about who works there and what great methods the company is using to deliver great “customer service” that nobody else can achieve.

And we all sit there and think, “what nonsense”.

In fact, studies have proven that we’ve been subjected to this vague marketing drivel for so long that our brains automatically filter it out now.

A professional copywriter will fix all that and turn your website into a lead generating asset for your business.

Lead Magnets

Do you know something that will help your target market to do something that they desperately want to do?

Of course you do, that’s why you have a business!

A copywriter will take what you know and put it into a resource that people can download for free in return for giving you their email addresses.


By doing this they are signalling that they are interested in what you can do for them.

Also known as, a lead.

Email Content

Do you have email sequences that nurture new leads to conversion?

If not, let us know, you need them.

These emails keep you top of mind for weeks after your leads have shown an interest in your business and are written to win the goodwill of your prospects before, eventually, asking them to do something.

The best part?

It’s all automated!

You don’t have to do a thing to improve your conversion rates by up to 72%.

Blog Articles

This is more the domain of content writers, but we have both types, so I’ll include it.

Blog articles are a form of content marketing. They are informative pieces of content that are of value to your audience and establish you as an authority in your industry.

They make sure that when your readers are ready to buy what you’re selling, they come to you because of all the free help you’ve already given them.

Sales Pages

Sales pages prove how little conversion rates have to do with pictures, videos and design.

They are sales letters (like the ones ancient Egyptians used) that follow a specific format and use compelling copy to persuade readers to take action.

These are very powerful when used as the destination for links in paid ads and email funnels because they take somebody who’s already interested in what you have to offer and methodically convinces them that they should buy what you’re selling.

Case Studies

Do you have success stories about how your products or services helped customers achieve what they wanted to achieve?

Your copywriter will turn these stories into reassuring case studies that show potential customers why they can safely spend their money with you.

Case studies are very powerful demonstrations of value and will convince the most cynical lead to take the leap of faith.


Lots of people can write well, what makes a copywriter different?

Copywriters have certain personality traits that help them to persuade and convince others:

  • Observant – We are always watching people, trying to identify motivations.
  • Insightful – We understand how people feel in different situations.
  • Small Ego – We don’t need to feel important.
  • Curious – We are always reading and learning.
  • Simple – We communicate complex ideas in simple language.
  • Problem solver – We know how to overcome obstacles.
*Warning: Reality may differ from the image displayed – But only slightly


Besides these traits, a good copywriter also needs experience and time to do their work.

Research & Interviews

Finding information online isn’t difficult but sifting through the garbage to find the gems will take you a lot longer than it takes me.

Copywriters are expert researchers and can consolidate huge amounts of information in a short space of time.

Some of the best copy is based on interviews with experts so copywriters need to know how to interview people as well.

Information that isn’t already available online is very, very valuable.


Then there’s proofreading.

This takes an advanced knowledge of the English language and the ability to spot mistakes.

Attention to detail is vital because poor grammar will render your message useless.

“How can we trust you to deliver on your promises when you can’t even speak properly?”

That’s a bit harsh, isn’t it?


Somebody famous once said, “there are no great copywriters, only great editors”.

A copywriter will often pass his or her work onto a college to read it with fresh eyes before submitting their work.

Anything that can be made shorter or easier to understand must be edited.

Source Media

Media is best used to complement good copy, so a copywriter will often take it upon themselves to source images, graphics or videos to complement what they are saying.

Many hours are spent finding the right bit of media that works with a message.

Are You Looking for Your Own Marketing Sidekick?

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