Owning a Classic Car vs Classic Car Club Membership ( Infographic)

Owning a Classic Car vs Classic Car Club Membership ( Infographic)

Does the idea of cruising around in a jaw-dropping classic car on your favourite country roads or night driving through your favourite City appeal to you? It does to us!  Here at team VISU.AL we love everything about classic cars so we were understandably very excited when approached by Classic Car Club London to produce an infographic for them.

Apart from being the first members club of its kind in the UK ( London) and US ( Manhattan) , they have created a very cost-effective private members club that will improve and enhance your life – raising you to new, untold levels of driving pleasure. No, really!

Nowhere else will you get to drive such a wide range of beautiful classics, many of which are extremely rare or expensive to buy and maintain.

Upon payment of an annual subscription, to your budget,  members receive an allocation of points, which they exchange for days in cars that delight, entertain and generally throw their friends into pits of envious despair. Once you’ve paid that fee you pay absolutely nothing – nada, zip, zilch. All of the responsibility for the associated downsides of ownership fall on their broad and experienced shoulders – they even throw in unlimited mileage.

Your subscription buys you an allocation of points; you then simply trade these points for days in cars.

The amount of points you use on a booking is determined by just two factors – the band of the car and weekday or weekend points.

The cars are banded from 1 to 7 so if you take their stunning  Aston Martin V8 for a weekend,  you would need 140 points in your CCC account (band 7 x 20 for the weekend). If you took the Mini Cooper for a mid week day you would only need 5 points (band 1 x 5 for a mid week day).

We looked at the cost of not only purchasing a certain classic car ( Aston Martin)  that they have in their fleet, but additional costs that have to be taken into consideration, including servicing, repairs, storage, insurance to maintain such a lovely vehicle.

Try Before You Buy.

So if you love classic cars and you are thinking of buying one, hold that thought.  Classic Car Club offers a much more exciting, social and practical approach to enjoying a classic car. A chance to try the entire fleet of cars, without the hassle of ownership , maintenance , upkeep, insurance etc? A no- brainer.

If you happen to fall in love with a particular one, then perfect- at least you’ve tried it and experienced it before shelling out your hard-earned money.





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