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Live Streaming and Covid- The Perfect Storm ?

As we navigate our way through a very rough 2020, there is beginning to be a glimmer of hope at the end of this long tunnel. We are starting to see lockdown measures relaxed and slowly but surely, life is beginning to turn into a version of normality. Live streaming One area however that will

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Empowering B2B with CX Insight and Contextual Content

Sabio’s recent event a The Brewery in the City of London was a success, with speakers from major brands and industry thought leaders sharing best practice, to a full-house, on the need to keep re-inventing customer journeys to deliver brilliant CX. VISU.AL partnered with Sabio to create a brilliant digital experience for their customers and

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Breath-Taking Drone Photography | A New Perspective for Marketers

True to form, we have mankind’s unceasing desire to wage war against ourselves to thank for drone photography. Military advantage has always been the biggest force behind technological advancement and it’s no different when it comes to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The first record of aerial photography used in war is from the 1898 Spanish-American

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Why Brands should embrace animation and cartoons for maximum impact

Cartoons have been around for centuries, and even in the midst of a robustly evolving age of information and technology, their effect is still undeniably significant. Today’s world offers a variety of methods to communicate with people, yet cartoons remain one of the best visual communication tools out there. VISU.AL and Greenhouse Cartoons,  a 2D

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