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social media manager

Everything You Need to Know About Hiring A Social Media Manager

Social media marketing has gone from a niche tactic to a mainstream marketing channel in less than a decade. Social giants like Facebook and Twitter have made their users available to marketers through business pages and native ads. And we have been making full use of it – Just look at some of these stats

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growth marketing

What is Growth Marketing? A 10-Minute Guide for Business Leaders

What are some of the world’s most experienced marketers saying about Growth Marketing? Mike Volpe | Angel Investor & Former CMO, HubSpot: “Growth marketing is removing the boundaries of marketing to enable every aspect of the customer experience to focus on attracting more engaged customers.” Sean Ellis | Founder & CEO, “For meaningful growth, startups must completely change

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mobile apps visual agency

App Design for Businesses: 11 Reasons Why Apps = Business Growth

It’s true, mobile apps aren’t a novelty anymore. App design is nothing new. But unlike other technological innovations, mobile apps haven’t seen a meteoric rise in popularity followed by a dramatic crash. They’re here to stay. Why? Because mobile apps are a brilliant way to add value to users of mobile devices. And who isn’t

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welcome visualagency

Welcome To The New Age. A Better Way.

Welcome to VISU.AL 2.0 . An upgrade to our service offerings and how we go to market. A better way. Times are a changin’ – and rapidly. As a growing independent agency, if we are to stand any chance of survival in an already crowded marketplace  being absorbed by consultancies, technology companies and even brands

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