World Gold Council Case Study

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The World Gold Council (WGC) is the market development organisation for the gold industry. With a unique insight into the global gold market, they see unrealised potential for gold across society and intervene to create new possibilities. Working with world-class organisations across the supply chain, WGC stimulates demand, develops innovative uses of gold and takes new products to market. As the global authority on gold, WGC offers comprehensive analysis of the industry, giving decision makers unparalleled information and insight into the drivers of gold demand.


We were initially approached by WGC  to help diversify their  information output by producing a range of visual content to support Global Demand Trends, their flagship quarterly publication, where they reveal global insights on the previous quarters global gold demand.

Broadly speaking WGC is a corporate brand with B2B output. However, its  social media output positions it  into a consumer world, particularly in markets where there is a strong cultural affinity with gold – India and China


Over time we have partnered with WGC and through content strategy planning, have curated and created a visual identity to address media outreach, social media usage across Facebook , Twitter, Google + , LinkedIn, Wiebo and WeChat, and across key aspects of their site ,


Team VISU.AL has produced engaging and insightful on-brand content at scale, speed and within tight deadlines, to support their communications , by way of graphic design, motion graphics, video production, infographics and micro content.


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