Trainline Case Study. enabling the ongoing integrity and growth of the brand. becoming the #1 downloaded train app

Our Work With

Trainline are the go-to solution for saving money on train tickets, by helping you plan your journey in advance rather than buying your tickets at the station. By combining data and the latest technology, trainline makes train travel easier, cheaper and smarter.


Team VISU.AL has been partnering with trainline  to curate and create ongoing digital content to ensure they communicate in a relevant and consistent manner. Their visual identity expresses their core values and proposition and makes the  brand instantly recognisable as the market leader.


To be there for the whole journey. On web, mobile and in your pocket. Before, during and after. Against this statement VISU.AL has partnered with trainline across digital media to visually communicate their messages by creating engaging  interactive data visualisation solutions, infographics, short form video, motion graphics, mobile ads and social media micro-content.


The range of content created has ensured the ongoing integrity and growth of the brand, being the #1 downloaded train app, ( over 9.5 million people), having over 150K followers on Facebook and over 42k followers on Twitter.


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