Author: Neal Cole

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Enabling E-Commerce. 11 Top-Tips To Ensure Brand Success

Enabling E-Commerce is a must for any brand that has yet to fully embrace the offline to online transition Even before the Covid-19 global pandemic, the resurrection of e-commerce has been happening all around us. At an advanced level , Digitally native brands are experimenting with voice commerce, partnering with luxury hotels on exclusive pop-ups, or experimenting

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A CRO Playbook for Online Gaming Success.

The online gaming industry is characterised by fierce competition, high acquisition costs, heavy reliance on affiliate sites and increasing regulations to prevent the problem of addiction. This means that online gaming sites are continuously looking at ways to improve conversions just to maintain profitability, so a CRO playbook for reference is always desirable, especially in

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Ten Tips to improve ecommerce conversion during the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has transformed how people interact with each other through measures like social distancing and lockdown. Not surprisingly it is also having a huge impact on ecommerce conversion rate optimisation (eCRO). The pandemic has had a profound effect on most people’s daily lives and has made millions of people reliant on the internet

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