Author: Jorge Roses

playable ads

Playable Ads. A ‘must-have’ in every brands toolbag for 2021

As playable ads keep evolving in today’s industry, we thought it was the right time to break it down this innovative and effective format: from what they are and why they work, to how they can work in any industry if used contextually.  What are Playable Ads? Playable ads are advertising units that use interactive

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tiktok visualagency

How To Use TikTok- A Beginners Guide.

🔥Being one of the hottest apps in 2020, TikTok has become part of daily lives of many, especially during the global pandemic lockdown. People are simply spending more time online and looking for ways to entertain and be entertained. If you haven’t already indulged, it’s time for brands and agencies to join the party. TikTok

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