A Sabio Network Services Explainer Video [Motion Graphic]

A Sabio Network Services Explainer Video [Motion Graphic]

We recently partnered with Sabio, the UK’s leading technology specialist focused exclusively on helping meet customers contact centre technology challenges, to produce an explainer video for their Network Services Division.

With the telecoms world moving to SIP, it is critical to be able to turn to a specialist service provider when transitioning away from a traditional telecoms environment . Apart from being a lower cost, more flexible and resilient alternative to traditional telephone lines, businesses can centralise their telephony and take advantage of a whole range of features to improve operations and productivity. Security, analytics and clear billing are also paramount, so choosing the right network services partner is key.

Our approach has been to create a hybrid style explainer video , combining live footage with animation , with a consistent visual identity to reflect the newly designed web site and other explainer videos that we have created for them.

For further information on their Network Services division, visit their site here.



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